Youngest app developer in Europe!


On 7th February 2014, 10 year old Haris Khan became the youngest iOS app developer in Europe and one of the youngest in the world, when his first app Super Soccer Kicks, went on sale in the Apple App store worldwide. Haris is part of a generation raised with multi-touch and social media and with both of his parents involved in the computer industry, his interest was piqued at an early age. Haris has always been creative and imaginative, inventing paper devices as a young boy. Initially he played games, however he quickly became interested in other aspects of computers. After designing and creating his own website at the age of 8, he proceeded to learn the computer languages of Html and Objective C. Haris’ Mom in particular, encouraged and supported his interest and he credits her for teaching him the basics of programming and graphic design work. He has also up skilled by working his way through online tutorials.

In January of this year, he continued to experiment and decided to combine his passion for sport with his love of computer games, resulting in the creation of his app Super Soccer Kicks. When describing Super Soccer Kicks the young app developer explained that “it’s a soccer game, where you have to use your skills to keep the ball in play and score ten goals”. It is a huge achievement to have his app available in the Apple App Store since, if the company finds the smallest problem with the game, they simply reject it. One of the Khan family’s principal reasons for moving to Ireland was to secure excellent schools for their children’s education. Haris is currently a pupil in Scoil Eoin, Ballincollig. The school has a long established reputation of being at the forefront of IT in primary schooling.

Principal, Gobnait Uí Nuanáin, praised Haris who is a pupil in 5th class in the school, saying that “as well as being a very keen computer enthusiast, he is also an excellent all round student and we wish to congratulate Haris and his parents on his fantastic achievement. In Scoil Eoin we are so proud of all our pupils, and achievements like Haris’ add to the proud association of Scoil Eoin with the accomplishments of other successful sports and business people who have passed through our school in their youth. Mar a deir ár mana Déanann Dicheall Gaisce”.

The Khan family are peace loving Ahmadiyya Muslims and an integral part of their belief system is to be selfless, give to charity and to devote themselves to serving mankind, often through volunteer work. Haris’ mother, Kiran, has been a great asset to Scoil Eoin, using her talents as a graphic designer to teach computer classes in the school.

There is a long family tradition of educating, Haris’ grandfather was a professor of English Literature & History and his grandmother was a primary teacher. His parents have fostered the same belief system in Haris, meaning that he has offered this first app free of charge in the App store. It is in keeping with his personal beliefs that he learns more and become more focused. Also that it would be his honour to realize his educational potential and use his talents to develop and provide something useful for mankind. The young programmer is currently developing a number of new games, including an educational quiz game. His next step is to learn Java and to develop apps for android devices. This is only the beginning for this lovely, humble young man, whose message for young talents is to do what they love and are passionate about, to not focus on making money, but instead on using their talents to become useful for mankind.