Irish VEX IQ Championships 2017

Congratulations to Scoil Eoin’s Robotics team who won the VEX IQ Robotics 2017 Robotics and Programming Award at this year’s Irish Championships. Our robot, Mister Lifter earned the highest score in both sections, fighting off the effort of 50 other competing schools.

The judges were very impressed with the Scoil Eoin pit, which attracted great attention throughout the day, including the TV3 cameras. Catch John’s interview on the 12:30 News on the TV3 Player.

The judges were also very impressed with the boys project on An Automated Carpark. Quey, the competition mascot also stopped to check out the project.

The boys did brilliantly driving Mister Lifter during the Teamwork Challenge. The boys had eight very testing matches, where they were paired with another school to score the maximum points they could. Scoil Eoin scored the highest points of all 51 and were seeded Number One going into the finals. The finals were very exciting and it came down to the wire. Scoil Eoin were incredibly unlucky and didn’t quit manage to to top the highest score set in the final. Difficult to be pipped to the post, but we are incredibly proud of the fantastic boys who represented the school brilliantly on the day.



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Best of luck Scoil Eoin’s Robotics Team

The very best of luck to our Robotic’s team in the VEX IQ Irish championhips in C.I.T. Scoil Eoin are reigning champions, having won the Irish and UK Championship in 2015 and the Irish Championship in 2016. This year there are 51 schools participating so the challenge to retain our title will be three times greater that when the competition launched in 2015. The boys have worked incredibly hard since September. They have researched and produced a fantastic S.T.E.M. projet which focused on technology this year and robots in everyday life. Their project looked at an automated car park for Scoil Eoin!!

The boys have also worked tirelessly to produce a robot to deal effectively with the challenge thrown up by this year’s game, Crossover. The weight of our hopes this year rest on the shoulders of Mister Lifter. The best way to monitor the boys’ progress through the competition is to follow the school twitter account @scoileoinboys and the handle for this year’s competition is #DellVexIre17

Go n-éirí libh a bhuachaillí agus a mhúinteoirí!


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Drama Classes Resume

Drama Classes with Avril have resumed and the boys are thoroughly enjoying them!

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Senior Infant Artists

Senior Infants are honing their artists skills each and every week, having fun during their art lessons and producing wonderful works of art.


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VEX IQ Robotics 2017

This year’s VEX IQ Robotics Irish Championships take place in C.I.T. on January 19th. Scoil Eoin’s Robotics team is very busy preparing for the competiton.

The Programming Team is ensuring that our Robot is ready and reliable. One of the awards on the day is for Prgramming.

The Engineering Team have been involved in building and improving the robot since September. They also need to record all of their work in the Engineering Book, which is a lengthy task.

The top drivers in 6th Class are practising at every opportunity to make sure they are sharp for the competition.

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Welcome back to a New Year in Scoil Eoin

Welome back to New Year in Scoil Eoin. May it be a happy one for everyone, filled with learning and new adventures.

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Happy Christmas

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderfu New Year. Scoil Eoin reopens on January 9th 2017

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